Star Trek - Survival Shelter
Star Trek - Stone Stairs
Star Trek - Stone Pillar
Star Trek - Klingon Torch
Star Trek - Kelpian Racks
Trench Plan
Trench Section
Trench Details
Trench Boards
The Strain Trenches
The Strain Trenches
Green Harvest Transporter Pad
Green Harvest Equipment Room
The Strain Missile Silo
The Strain Missile Silo Lid
The Strain Smelter
The Strain - Quinlan's Cage
Crucible Illustration_Act1 Forest_CP
Crucible Illustration_Act1 Paris' House_
Crucible Illustration_Act1 Proctors Hous
Crucible Illustration_Act2 Vestry Room_C
Incorporated Red Zone Building
Incorporated Red Zone Neon
The Stable - Shadow Hunters
Ext. Sign - Shadow Hunters
Mirror - Shadow Hunters
Floor Safe - Shadow Hunters
Simon's Bedroom - Shadow Hunters
Pier Plan - Shadow Hunters
Screen Shot 2016-01-14 at 9.57.24 AM
Nazi Gallows - The Strain
The Master's Coffin - The Strain
Shooting Platform - The Strain
Torch Stand - The Strain
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